The Sant Jordi Arena lived a fantastic show with a very close racing between Marc Márquez and Brad Baker over 10 thrilling laps, as they came in the 9th lap both riders had contact with Márquez losing all his chances for the final victory and arriving in last position.

Tito Rabat (Honda) came second and the podium was completed with the US rider Kenny Noyes (Suzuki). A total of 8 riders disputed the SuperFinal (12 Laps). The competition has been really tight and intense, specially in Open and Superpretsigio categories, but specially for the 21 riders of the Superprestigio, groupped in three, disputing some intense heats, with two extra qualifying heats (6 laps each). The two top riders got their passport to the Main, and two more were added from the last chance.

DTXBarcelona_Marquez_BakerThe Open category got an entry of 39 riders,but only 26 got qualyfied. The final was completed in 12 laps and the three top, Baker, Gómez and and Schrerb made it to the final.

The show got more intese as Bou, world champ in X-Trial, and his team mate Taka Fujinamed performed their exhibition.

Marc Márquez (Honda), won both qualifying heats in Superprestigio, as Ricky Cardus (Yamaha) and Johann Zarco (Yamaha) were three of the 8 classified in for the Final. World Champs as Maverick Viñales (KTM), Alvaro Bautista (Honda) or Bradley Samith (Yamaha), as Alex Rins (Honda), runner up in Moto3, were eliminated and Kenny Noyes (Suzuki), as well as Julián Simón (Honda) gained their pass to the Main after their win in the Last Chance.

In the 4 Finals of the main discipline, MotoGP World Champ Marc Márquez won the 1st, third and 4th, in front of Kenny Noyes. The US rider Brad Baker had no rival in Open, but everything was so close.

Brad Baker: “I feel sorry for having that contact with Marquez in the Superfinal, it’s been a great hand to hand and I’d love to repeat this experience back home and invite Marc to the Half Mile next year.”

Marc Marquez: “I’m extremely happy with this show. The fans had discovered Dirt Track in Spain and they have really enjoyed so as we did! Nice fight with Baker. I’ve learned a lot of things. Hope to see this show back here next year!


Junior Category:

.1. Gerard Riu (ESP) Kawasaki
.2. Remy Gardner (AUS) Kawadaki
.3. Genis Gelada (ESP) Kawasaki
.4. Luca Gardner (AUS) Kawasaki
.5. Salvador Gelada (ESP) Kawasaki

Open Category

.1. Brad Baker (USA) KTM
.2. José Pedro Gómez (ESP) Yamaha
.3. Merle Scherb (USA) Yamaha
.4. Dani Ribalta ESP) Kawasaki
.5. Tom Neave (GBR) Honda

Superprestigio Category

.1. Marc Márquez (ESP) Honda
.2. Tito Rabat (ESP) Honda
.3. Kenny Noyes (USA) Suzuki
.4. Aleix Espargaró (ESP) Yamaha
.5. Lorenzo Baldasarri (ITA) Kawasaki


.1. Brad Baker (USA) KTM
.2. Tito Rabat (ESP) Honda
.3. Kenny Noyes (USA) Suzuki
.4. Aleix Esparagaró (ESP) Yamaha
.5. José Pedro Gómez (ESP) Yamaha
.6. Merle Scherb (USA) Yamaha
.7. Dani Ribalta (ESP) Kawasaki
.8. Marc Márquez (ESP) Honda