The Belgian and Andorra-resident rider, expected to make his MotoGP class debut in 2018, will be a serious victory contender in the Superprestigio. Last year he was fourth in the Superfinal behind Márquez, Elías and Baker. Simeon had initially decided to sit out and recover from various minor injuries he is being bearing in the last part of the season. The rider from Brussels, who will be riding a Suzuki prepared by top-team Suzuki Grau, will face on the track his new coach for the MotoGP season, Ruben Xaus.

News of Simeon’s participation in Superprestigio #5 has been kind of an earthquake. The Belgian, MotoGP racer for team Avintia Racing (Ducati) in the 2018 MotoGP season is one of the fastest roadracers on Barcelona oval. This will be his third participation in a row and last year he got his best result so far: fourth place behind Marc Márquez, Toni Elías and Brad Baker.

Simeon was the most astonishing rider in Superprestigio #3 (his second participation, December 2015), when he claimed all wins in all heat races. Unfortunately he struggled a little bit in the class finals and finished eighth in the Superprestigio class. Fourth place in Superprestigio 2016 meant his worldwide recognition as one of the roadracers with the best improvement in dirt-track racing.

Simeon decided to sit out this year to fully recover from some minor shoulder, foot and hand injuries that, although they did not prevented him from riding the Moto2 Kalex bike, rendered impossible to face the physical demands linked to dirt-track racing. However, recovery has been much faster than expected and the 2009 FIM Superstock World Cup winner has immediately rushed for an invite. Happiness for the Belgian…but a major concern for all his adversaries in the Superprestigio class.

XAVIER SIMEON, 2018 MotoGP roadracer and superfinalist in 2016 Superprestigio

“Happy to be in once again! I do love this event. Fierce battle on the track and big fun! It will be my third participation and I am ready to try win the race. I feel much better now than two months ago, so I am in! Facing my new coach for the 2018 MotoGP season will be really interesting, hahaha. See you in Barcelona”!