David Checa, the Spanish roadracer winner of the Endurance World Championship in 2004, 2014 and 2017 will at least put his sliding skills to the test in the Superprestigio. The driver from Sant Fruitós and brother to the 2011 World Superbike champion Carlos Checa has not a remarkable experience in dirt-track racing, but he feels very confident and looks forward to a good performance in Barcelona short track. He is even convinced to make to the Superprestigio class finals…

First Superprestigio you will witness in the venue and more than that: on the track!

Yeah, I’m very happy because this year I have managed to race the Superprestigio. It is quite a long time since I last raced dirt-track, but I am eager to do it again, see how I feel and put my sliding skills to the test.

Days of hard work ahead of you now…

That’s for sure. I have not had enough time to practice dirt track since the endurance season ended due to many post-season events, and I know that I need many hours on the oval to build confidence up, to know the bike and be smart in the bike setup.

Which is your major concern in terms of bike setup for Superprestigio race?

As I have seen and been told, I must keep an eye on suspensions and tyre pressure. Good laptimes are achieved by taking care of these two things. Nevertheless, should I feel confident and happy on the bike, good laptimes will arrive effortlessly.

You look quite optimistic, even though you’re not an experienced flattracker at all…

Many times the race winner is not the fastest rider nor the best rider…but the smartest and sharpest. Anything can happen in the Palau oval and the show is therefore guaranteed. I will race and try to have as much fun as possible. Let’s see what happens next!

Will you hire an advisor?

Yeah, my neighbour and good friend Dani Ribalta will be. He is a rider with huge dirt-track experience and he was superfinalist in Superprestigio #1.

Any rider to act as a reference point for you during the event?

It is quite obvious that the tyre to follow is that of Toni Elias. Last year he showed everybody how competitive he is in dirt-track racing by beating American ace Brad Baker.

Do you think you will be able to make it to the Superprestigio class finals?

If I feel confident and comfortable on the track…why not?! However, I wanna go step by step…but with no limitations!  Having fun and enjoying the event are not my only goals. If you are a professional racer and you are given the chance to race, the only thing you think of is… victory.