First riders qualified for Superprestigio’s Open and Junior classes, unveiled

No room for surprise. Ferran Cardús arrived in Alcarras for the last round of the 2017 Dirt Track Copa Rodi Michelin as the current leader and clinched his third win of the season and, at the same time, the Copa title for the second time in a row. The rider from Tiana, who has taken part in three events of the American Flat Track championship this season, dominated both heat races and the final and took profit from the injury suffered by his main adversary for the title,  Gerard Bailo. In the Alevin class, first win of the season for Marc Aguilar, but the name of the new Copa Rodi Michelin champion is Jordi Gaya.

The Copa Rodi Michelin Elite class title was not to be decided on the track…but in the starting grid. A mechanical problem in the automatic gate opening system forced rider Gerard Bailo to hit himself hard. The rider from Tarragona, Spain had to withdraw and the road to the title was then clear for Cardus. Despite this incident Bailo managed to keep the runner-up spot in the Copa. Franc Serra, third in Alcarras, finished the Copa also in third.

Good news in Alcarràs was the return to competition for Ferran Sastre. The young gun, runner-up in 2016 and sidelined for the whole 2017 season due to serious knee injury, was sixth.

As for the Alevin class (6 to 11 year olds riders), all eyes were on Jordi Gaya and Marc Aguilar. Gaya was five points ahead in the standings, but presence of triple event winner this season Brian Uriarte was a major concern for him, as Uriarte could play a decisive role on the weekend. At the end it was a face-to-face battle between Gaya and Aguilar. Gaya’s second place -behind Aguilar- in the final was enough to clinch the title.


ELITE CLASS FINAL STANDINGS (riders qualified for 2017 Superprestigio Dirt Track Open class):

  1. Ferran CARDÚS, 119 points; 2. Gerard BAILO, 98 p.; 3. Franc SERRA, 93 p.; 4. Adrián GARÍN, 85 p.; 5. Jaume GAYA HERNÁNDEZ, 83 p.; 6. Sergi SÁNCHEZ, 72 p.; 7. Jaume GAYA MIRÓ, 65 p.; 8. Guillermo CANO, 60 p.; 9. Marc CAPDEVILA, 56 p.;

ALEVIN CLASS FINAL STANDINGS (riders qualified for 2017 Superprestigio Dirt Track Junior class):

  1. Jordi GAYA, 111 points; 2. Marc AGUILAR, 109 p.; 3. Brian URIARTE, 91 p.; 4. Max SERRA, 80 p.; 5. Pol SOLÀ, 68 p.; 6. Eric RUBIO, 63 p.; 7. José Luis TORRALBA, 62 p.; 8. Uriel HIDALGO, 53 p.