Johann Zarco took part in the first two runs of the Superprestigio Dirt Track. He put out quite a good performance in the first one by making it to the finals in the Superprestigio class. Now he’s back in the Palau Sant Jordi arena as one of the podium contenders. In fact, he’s now double Moto2 world champion and has just finished a good debut season in MotoGP class…

Happy for your comeback?

Of course! I remember the fun I had in 2014 and I am eager to see how faster I am on the oval after three seasons in Grand Prix racing.

Do you like the event?

The event format is great for the fans. Races take place inside an arena and we riders are very close. Many short races guarantee big fun!

You’re back in the Superprestigio… as double Moto2 world champion. Does this mean additional pressure?

Not so much. As I said earlier, I simply want to check if my Moto2 world titles and my first season in MotoGP have made a better flattracker out of me.

Is dirt-track in your training routine?

For training I practice supermoto. Barcelona will be my one and only contact with dirt-track this year. However, dirt-track will be key part of my training very soon because I will have a new oval built next to my home.

What is your goal for the event on Saturday, the 16th?

It will depend on how fast I am on the days before the event. I will be happy if I can make it again in the Superprestigio class top-8 and therefore take part in the finals.

What did you learn in Superprestigio #1 and #2?

That there is no way to find the front brake! (laughs). Well, starts are crucial in this race, because overtaking is very difficult on this kind of short tracks. Making mistakes in the first lap is prohibited in the Superprestigio!

What do you think you should improve when racing dirt-track?

Acceleration control. l think this is my major weakness and I have to practice that a lot.

Marquez, Baker and Mees are not taking part in this year’s Superprestigio. Winning candidates are more than ever. Your bet for the 2017 podium is…

Why not a 100%-French podium?