The Cervera rider has achieved the best registered lap time after the qualification sessions in 12.054. In the Open class, Thomas Chareyre set the pace in 12.122. A full packed Palau Sant Jordi is expected this afternoon, where top riders expect to get in the Superfinal after the qualification heats.

The battle in the Arena may be one of the toughest from the last editions of the Superprestigio Dirt Track. The competitiveness amongst the riders is that high that makes complicated to bet you will be in after the heats!

In the Superprestigio class, Marc Márquez has achieved the fastest time in 12.054, followed by Toni Elías (12.139) and Xavi Vierge (12.210). The Open class riders were wrapped in less than one tenth with the Frenchman Tom Chareyre fastest in 12.122. The Spanish Rookie Genís Gelada second fastest has outpaced the Japanese drifter Masatoshi Ohmori and the AMA Pro Track Flat former champ Brad Baker. The winner of the Copa Rodi Michelin, Ferran Cardús, finished the top 5 with 12.195.

The Event commences at 6.00 pm