Marc Márquez (Honda)  won the 4th Edition of the Superprestigio Dirt Track in Barcelona in front of 8.900 fans, with an impressive Toni Elías (Suzuki) taking the second place ahead of the US American Pro Track Flack champion and two-times winner of the Superprestigio. Brad Baker (Honda), Ruben Xaus (Pursang) was the best rookie.


Marc Márquez  completed a perfect job by winning all his Class Finals in Superprestigio, but the level of competitiveness achieved by the riders was that high that some of them were forced to retire after being injured, as, the winner of the FIM Cup of Flat Track, Francesco Cecchini and the Spaniard Ricky Cardús. Julián Simón even saluted his fans dressed in casual as he was injured during the morning practice.

Toni Elías achieved an outstanding second place. The Suzuki rider kept a superb pace in the Superfinal overtaking Brad Baker, who could not hold the Spaniard.

Nevertheless , the AMA rider did the job in the Open class, ahead of  Gerard Bailo (Suzuki) and Tom Chareyre (TM), both achieving their best result in the Superprestigio Dirt Track.

The Junior category , featuring the top 8 riders in the Copa Rodi Michelin,  saw in the podium p Brian Uriarte, Max Sánchez and Joel Esteban.

Japanese Masatoshi Ohmori (Suzuki) was again the best rider in the Drift Contest!


Marc Márquez (Honda)

“This is my second win in the Superprestigio Dirt Track, but it has been the most competitive edition!  I’m so happy with this result but Toni’s  (Elías) pace was impressive! I think everyone of us had an extra pressure and this is way  some of us did fell during the heats, I’m glad that Simón, Cardús and Cecchini are all fine! This is a party and it’s the most important!”.

Toni Elías (Suzuki)

“I wasn’t expecting to get in the Superfinal, and  I need to mercy my team. It has been a perfect day, I managed to keep the pace in the Superfinal  and this second place is almost like a win! Every time I tried to approach Marc he replied to me showing he’s the big boss in this Arena. Congrats t the Organisation for putting down such a fantastic show!”.

Brad Baker (Honda)

“I have enjoyed a lot but the result didn’t came as I was expecting! I haven’t feel at my ease in the race track and honestly I’ve been much more nervous in this event than in my current competition in  Flat Track in the US. I want to thank all the people in the organisation for such an amazing job and making Dirt Track going out from the US to become World!”.