The Sports & Olympics Museum in Barcelona played host to the 2016 Superprestigio Dirt Track media launch. 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National champion, Brad Baker, and Spanish World Superbike stars Ruben Xaus (runner-up in 2003 World Superbike) and current World Superbike rider Jordi Torres shared their sensations prior to the event with the media. Barcelona Town Hall Deputy for Sports, David Escudé, the event promoter Jaime Alguersuari and the Superprestigio Dirt Track sporting manager, Jordi Castells, welcomed the riders and outlined both the masterlines and the philosophy of this unique racing event.

David Escudé, Barcelona Town Hall Deputy for Sports

“We all should thank RPM-MKTG and Jaime Alguersuari for being so creative and bringing so fresh top-level sports events to this city. The Superprestigio Dirt Track is not a world championship event…but it gathers together 11 world champions! Barcelona Town Hall is very proud of hosting international and top-class racing events like this.”

Jaime Alguersuari, RPM-MKTG executive president and event promoter

“Riders make the Superprestigio bigger year after year. Marc Marquez is our anchor, of course, but I must thank the friendly and co-operative spirit we receive from all top riders. They already are stars of the sport and they do make this happen. I would also like to thank Dennis and Kenny Noyes. Kenny, a double podium finisher in the Superprestigio, and his father showed us the way and how to make this event succeed.”

Jordi Castells, Superprestigio Dirt Track sporting manager

“Every year we try to make each run of the event better. For 2016 we have increased the number of contenders in the slide contest up to 4 by inviting top rider Ferran Cardus, and for the first time we will be awarding the Best Rookie Trophy for the best-performer roadracer in his Superprestigio debut.”

Brad Baker, 2013 AMA Flat Track champion and double Superprestigio winner

“I love racing the Superprestigio. Nice venue, amazing fans… there’s not a racing atmosphere like this in the US. Besides Marc and myself, Spaniard Ferran Cardus may be “the man of the day” on Saturday. He is one of my best friends, we have shared hours and hours of training in the last four weeks… and his flat track technique and skills have dramatically improved! If he’s able to perform good starts, he is a potential Superprestigio winner!

Ruben Xaus, 2003 FIM World Superbike runner-up

“I tested the Spain-made Pursang bike, I enjoyed the experience and I took the decision to race the Superprestigio. I will push as hard as I can and I am very confident after feeling very good sensations during training. Even my former teammate in World Superbike and former Superprestigio entrant, Troy Bayliss, says I’d better not improve his 10th place in 2014! I would like to send all my best wishes to Joonas Kylmäkorpi. He rode the Pursang last year here but he will miss this run of the Superprestigio due to injury. Get well soon, Joonas!”

Jordi Torres, 2016 FIM World Superbike roadracer

“ It is simply amazing the way level is increasing in the Superprestigio. This is not a friendly race anymore, ha ha ha! We are all good friends…but not when we are on the bike! The show will be superb once again, for sure. I am not a top-class flattracker, so I will try to have as much fun as possible and enjoy the opportunity we the roadracers are given to race on the dirt! I would like to thank RPM-MKTG for running this great event.”

MAIN PHOTO (left to right): Brad Baker, Jaime Alguersuari, David Escudé, Jordi Castells, Jordi Torres, Emili Alzamora and Ruben Xaus, next to the Pursang bike.