Double Superprestigio winner will not race the 2017 event. Fresh MotoGP world champion to have a bit of a rest following super-demanding season

Marc Marquez is the only one to know how hard has been the road to his sixth world title, fourth in the MotoGP class. As double Superprestigio winner, he is also well aware of the increasing level of the competition in the Superprestigio Dirt Track. Now, with less than a month to go for the fifth run of this invitational event, the Spanish hero is not true to reach the 16th of December in both physical and mental conditions needed…to win.
“The 2017 season in the MotoGP class has been really tough and stressful. That is one of the reasons that make me feel this happy and proud of my sixth world title, fourth in the MotoGP class. After four successful years, the Superprestigio Dirt Track is now a really demanding race. Nobody could imagine such an evolution when it all got started in 2014! And now I do need a bit of a rest to recover from a very demanding MotoGP season. Together with the promoter RPM we launched this wonderful event in January 2014 and I have been so lucky to win it twice. It is time now for other Spanish riders to win the Superprestigio Dirt Track as well!”
So a new master of slide will take Marquez’s throne next December, 16. Whoever wins Superprestigio #5 will be a first-time event winner, because the other double Superprestigio winner besides Marquez, 2013 AMA Flat Track Grand National champion Brad “The Bullet” Baker will be sidelined due to injury this time.

7 world champions already confirmed… and up to three US flattrackers to take their Superprestigio debut!

Chances to win the Superprestigio are now wide open for a big number of riders. Participation of seven world champions has been confirmed so far. Toni Elías (current MotoAmerica Superbike champion, 2010 Moto2 world champion and runner-up in 2016 Superprestigio), Johann Zarco (double Moto2 world champion) and Tom Chareyre (6-time Supermoto S1 world champion and superfinalist in 2016 Superprestigio) top the list of candidates for victory. New Supersport world champion. Frenchman Lucas Mahias, will make his Palau Sant Jordi debut together with current Stock Endurance world champion Gregg Black, from the UK. Vincent Philippe (10-time Endurance world champion) and Sylvain Bidart (4-time Supermoto of Nations world champion) are already familiar with the special features of Barcelona’s indoor short-track.
Full new US squad in Superprestigio #5, lining up short-track specialist and double race winner in 2017 American Flat Track -6th place in the overall- Briar Bauman, and JD Beach, a rider who splits his time between road racing and flat track. MotoAmerica Supersport champion in 2015, JD Beach clinched the runner-up spot in both 2016 and 2017 seasons. Presence in Barcelona of a third US flattracker is very likely to be confirmed in the following days.
The thrilling Europe vs America tie-breaker event (two wins each so far) is on its way.
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