RPM-MKTG, the Spanish company that gave birth to this show together with MotoGP star Marc Marquez, has reached an agreement with the promoter of the MotoGP French Grand Prix and the event will take place out of Spain for the first time.

French MotoGP rider Johann Zarco to be in the spotlight on December, 15 in the astonishing UArena.

Just the venue changes. The event name, format and philosophy will remain intact as on December the 15th Paris becomes the new host city for the Superprestigio Dirt Track event. Following five sucessful runs in Barcelona, the Superprestigio seal has earned good prestige both there and abroad. Spanish MotoGP star Marc Márquez was the actor on a leading role in Barcelona. Now, France will also feature one of its most valuable road racing riders: Johann Zarco. This new location for the show is the result of an agreement reached by RPM-MKTG, the original Superprestigio Spanish promoter, and PHA, the promoter of the MotoGP French Grand Prix.

The Paris event will feature the same racing classes as Barcelona did in the past: the Superprestigio class -for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 roadracers; the Open class -aimed at all offroad racers-, and the Kids class for the young guns. However, being France home for some Supermotard world champions, such as Boris Chambon or Tom Chareyre, the Vintage class will put former champions back to the test.

The event will take place at the UArena in Paris, one of the European leading venues in terms of seat capacity. Stands can host up to 20,000 spectators.

JOHANN ZARCO, MotoGP roadracer

“For all previous Superprestigio editions I never managed to have enough training time, but this time everything will be very different. I am about to build a dirt-track oval in my training camp… so that I will feel like at home when racing the Superprestigio in Paris!”