Two-point gap between leader Ferran Cardus and Gerard Bailo prior to curtain-drop event

Jordi Gaya leads the Alevin class. Top-8 to race the Superprestigio junior class

Next 29th of October the 2017 Dirt Track Copa Rodi Michelin will come to its end and all champions are still to be crowned. Ferran Cardus -2016 Spanish Flat Track Cup winner and wild-card rider for some events of this season’s American Flat Track championship- holds a 2-point lead ahead of Gerard Bailo in the Elite class. Jordi Gaya profits from a 5-point gap over Marc Aguilar in the Alevin class (6 to 11 year olds).

As in previous seasons, the Dirt Track Copa Rodi Michelin gives direct access to Superprestigio invitational. Top-7 in the Elite class qualify for Superprestigio’s Open class and top-8 in the Alevin class will race the Junior class next 16th of December in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi olympic arena short-track.

Two wins each in four rounds, but leadership belongs to Ferran Cardus, since Gerard Bailo could ‘only’ finish third –his worst result so far- in Round #2. Cardus and Bailo have always been first or second in the remainder of the events held. Cardus won in Rounds #2 and #3. Bailo was fastest in Rounds #1 and #4.

Last season the Alcarras round was the season finale as well. Both the race event and the 2016 Copa Rodi Michelin title went to Ferran Cardus.

Jordi Gaya to clinch Alevin class title

The youngest in the Gaya family –his father and his big brother also take part in the Copa Rodi Michelin- has had a bit of a hard time in the last three rounds. A young gun called Brian Uriarte from Cantabria, Spain swept all three wins in a row. Nevertheless, Uriarte walked over Round #1, so he won’t be able to fight for the title (no drop-out results apply in the Copa Rodi regulations).

In Alcarras finale it will be enough for Gaya to finish right behind current second Marc Aguilar –gap is five points- to clinch his first Copa Rodi Michelin title.


FERRAN CARDÚS, Elite class current leader

“Riding and thinking about the points you need to clinch the title is not advisable at all in flat track racing. This sport is terribly unforgiving of any single mistake and you can become ruined in just a tenth of a second. Therefore I will try to win in Alcarras, even though I realize that this is one of the toughest tracks when it comes to clinch a title. There is a single line only, overtakings are hard stuff and weather is crucial. If it is cold and the track is hard and humid, that’s good news. Sunshine and heat would deem the oval much more difficult and would dramatically increase the probability of making mistakes”.


ELITE CLASS PROVISIONAL STANDINGS (riders currently qualified for Superprestigio Dirt Track)

  1. Ferran CARDÚS, 94 points; 2. Gerard BAILO, 92 p.; 3. Franc SERRA, 73 p.; 4. Jaume GAYA HERNÁNDEZ, 65 p.; 5. Adrián GARÍN, 63 p.; 6. Guillermo CANO, 60 p.; 7. Sergi SÁNCHEZ, 58 p.


ALEVIN CLASS PROVISIONAL STANDINGS (riders currently qualified for Superprestigio Dirt Track):

  1. Jordi GAYA, 89 points; 2. Marc AGUILAR, 84 p.; 3. Brian URIARTE, 75 p.; 4. Max SERRA, 65 p.; 5. Pol SOLÀ, 56 p.; 6. Eric RUBIO, 50 p.; 7. José Luis TORRALBA, 44 p.; 8. Uriel HIDALGO, 39 p.