Famous Childhood Story Transformed To Alaxe In Zombieland Slots Game

Almost every grown-up person is acquainted with the famous story of Alice in Wonderland. It was a story with beautiful characters. Genesis Gaming has recreated this magical story theme in one of its latest games of Slots. It has been given the title of Alaxe in Zombieland. Mind-blowing features of this new slot game will make one go back to his childhood days. Great use of the theme has made the Interwin slot game more interesting than before. you can play. 

Alaxe represents Alice of the classic. She tries to make her way to earn winnings by tactfully handling the characters Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and others. These reputed characters have been treated as Zombies in the Slots game. This game needs to be played with 25 pay lines. Some features like Tea Party Free Spins, Red Queen’s Adventure, and Gravestones feature to make the game very interesting. The strange features of the Slots game leave the gamers thinking.

All the characters are Zombies except Alice. She retains her sweet character like the story. She is supposed to hack and slash her way out from the undead Zombie characters to reach the path to success. The fun feels of the game while attaining the finishing line lures the gamers. The game is represented in a good way to make the players earn loads of cash.

The battling phase of the game startles all. The main character Alaxe fights the morphed Zombie characters in brilliant fashion. The multiple bonus schemes in the game give the players the opportunity to win loads of real cash.

Tea Party features make one get scattered if the three Tea Party symbols show up in the first three sinning reels. The scatter is actually the number of picks one gets on the second screen. The choice of teapots enables a player to get plenty of free spins and multiplier options.

Red Queen’s Adventure involves the showing up of white rose bouquets in front of the tombstones if the Red Queen scatter symbols show up in reels 2, 3, and 4. The player requires choosing three roses out of the 5 white roses in each bouquet to make them award-winning red. If the accumulated award amount is greater than the tombstone value the player needs to move to another tombstone. The player can unlock the escape level if his amount surpasses the amount of the last tombstone. The player needs to choose from the 6 doors. His accumulated amount will be multiplied by the multiplier system. If he manages to find the queen he gets the entire accumulated sum of money.

The Gravestone feature says that Alaxe shows up in the gravestone if the Gravestone symbol appears in any of the last three reels. The player needs to escape through the evils in a scary manner to win his own treasures.