Intra Racing Tips For Punters

Horse racing and betting could be said as one of the oldest sports in the world. According to some historians, such an activity is only done and enjoyed by the royalties or the members of the elite society. But now, in the modern days, it can be enjoyed by anyone. Admit it or not though, the people watching horse races are not really into just watching the horses make their way into the finish line but into being a few hundred or thousand bucks richer. When you go to horse race stadiums, you can see novice and veteran punters or bettors.

Winning the bet, of course, is the aim for any bettor so it is important that you get aware of some horse betting tips especially from 토토사이트 if you are a novice. Horse betting is a risky yet high rewarding industry and being knowledgeable with strategies gives one an edge. Straight betting is the oldest and most traditional way of betting but there are some more complicated betting tips which are called intra-bets. This technique allows its bettors or patrons to make a multiple bet on several horses which belong to the top four horses or a bettor too has the option to choose the horses in the same exact order which they had been originally picked. Intra betting is one of the newest horse racing tips and is only around five years old but it is seen with great yield potentials or returns compared to the old traditional betting. But no matter how promising the return is when using intra-betting, it could lead to greater loss if techniques are practiced improperly. So as a punter, always make sure that you go to the battle fully geared.

Intra horse betting has several types: Exacta, Quinella, Superfecta, and Trifecta. A brief discussion on what and how these betting techniques are done is presented below.

The most elementary of the intra-betting tactics is the Quinella. A punter is given the liberty to choose or bet on any of the first top two finishing horses. This is preferred by a lot of bettors since the winning probability is higher. Using such a technique can give eight possible winning combinations; high probability for the better. What makes Quinella low risk but not too profitable though is the fact that there is no limitation as to the position so long as they are in the first two spots.

Another intra tip you may use is the Exacta. This is so much similar to Quinella at least when it comes to the probability of risks. While there is no limitation when it comes to Quinella betting, Exacta betting is limited.

The third type is Trifecta or also called Triactor. This technique seems to be an Exacta extension wherein the wager is added to a third position. A punter/bettor is then allowed to choose three of the horses but should be in the same position before the race. This betting technique is more recommended for the more experienced bettors though. While Exacta leads to four combinations, Trifecta creates six possible winning combinations.

And lastly is the Superfecta. In here, the bettor should pick or choose the first four horse finishers in the same order before the race starts to be declared the winning combination. Of all the intra-betting horse tips, this is the most expensive and challenging method but also the most profitable.