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Our Reel Slots day was an unusual one to say the least. It began, as Fridays do, with going to work and as usual Fridays ended, we found ourselves, my friend and I, at the bar down the street, where we were to be found recovering from that week’s hard graft. It was at the pub that the Reel Slots altercation began as my friend was sitting at the bar, whittling away his hard earned money on one of the old One-Arm-Bandits, which unfortunately wasn’t going very well as the machine was happily eating into his whiskey money. When his funds had been depleted, he strolled over, with a look on his face that could have scared even Hitler himself exclaiming, in an evil tone, death to the Reel Slots.

Real Slots, says I, Reel Slots says he, what, like Slots in real life, says I, no he replies, Slots with 5 Reels, There are 5 real Slot Machines, Look a Llama! He Replied, no you idiot, a Slot Machine, like the one you play at the Canadian Online Casino, but in real life, like the one sitting over there at the bar filled to the brim with my money, by the way, can you buy me a Jack, the bank is too far and I’m too lazy. Now it was at this point, with the Llama in the room, we had an argument. An argument that consisted of Reel Slots, the real ones, like your Grandfather used to play Versus the Online variety, the ones that you’re children will play, the ones that can be found at a Canadian Online Casino. This mentioned site can be very helpful, 

The Reel Slots Argument

The first problem, was that Real 5 Reel Slots, are just not enjoyable to play, that was my argument anyway and I was sticking to it. The friend on the other hand was convinced that they are the way to go, the past, the well developed institutions of Gambling and to try anything new, in particular the various Online Casinos where I plied my trade, were dangerously modern and dangerously out of sync with what was as accepted as the norm. Now as a child of the 22nd Century, I despised the old ways; Retro is dead, step toward the light, walk towards the computer and give the exciting world of the Internet a try. Absolutely not, he exclaimed, computers are evil, they are running the world, this of course was coming from the man who was wearing the same – The Man, The Legend – T-shirt he bought in High School – and as such was a statement to be ignored.

The Reel Slots Modernization of the Gambling world

Canadian Online Casino Slots are just better in every way possible I exclaimed, you do, after all live in a modern city, drive a modern car and seeing as you don’t make a living shoeing horses or serving pints of Mead at the local tavern, you are in fact a modern person and should be embracing the modern ways of the Canadian Online Casino as much as possible, instead of sitting next to a Llama and slipping a twisted hunk of metal a bunch of pennies in the hope of it giving you enough money to be able to afford your own drinks. Nah, he exclaimed, pulling a lever, feeling the machine, seeing it work – which I thought sounded quite sick – is much better than staring at a fancy piece of glass, clicking a plastic farm animal.

Reel Slots Online are without a doubt, the way of the future – a bold statement I know, but one my friend reluctantly agreed with. Nostalgia is all good and well, in some circumstances, but unfortunately it has no business being around a Reel Slot Machine, especially considering a Canadian Online Casino is by far the better option for the many people in the world, or in particular the two of us, who do not have access to big land based casinos and the original Reel Slots, not on our budgets anyway, we are after all, not millionaire playboys, no matter what we say to the girls in an effort to convince them otherwise and as such we will have to make do with the Canadian Online Casino and the Online Reel Slots they provide.


There are some new sites coming up and it has been heard that they are good too and it is also known in a few cases that the big sites have also fooled people and stolen their money. So, it has become very confusing for making the choice. You need to be very careful in these works.