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How To Escape The Scourge Of Gambling

The reasons for compulsive gambling are still in the unknown realm; researchers are still out as to the cause of pathological or compulsive gambling. Research is being carried out into the genetic link to compulsive gambling but there have been no proven records that confirm it. But there are three reasons which look as if they could topple the person over the edge. The first one is the capacity to deceive oneself; the second is a stage in life when one is dangling by a slender thread and life becomes difficult to live such as when one is undergoing depression, guilt or helplessness; and third is living in an environment where gambling is seen as valuable.

When gambling becomes an addiction it gets treated in more or less the same way that any other common addictions would get treated. It is true that no two persons can be treated in the same way, as each person is unique and needs a treatment which is tailored to their needs. The treatment that worked for Tom need not work for Dick or Harry. The realization that you need help is the first and most important step towards your treatment. If possible, do not try to take the treatment alone as you will need support and strength through your treatment. Many who have gone before you have kicked the habit and are living better and full lives.

  • Ø Group Therapy

In this a patient registers himself with a Gambler Anonymous support group where he will be receiving support and advice from people who are sailing in the same boat as well as from people who are on the path to recovery. These therapy sessions are fashioned on the same lines as the Alcoholics Anonymous and follow the same 12 steps program made popular by them.

  • Ø Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Here a patient is made to realize regarding his false rationalization and beliefs about his gambling habits and channel them into a healthy and positive behavior.

  • Ø Inpatient Treatment

The patient gets himself admitted into a hospital type setting where he would be getting twenty four hour support and indulge in different types of therapeutic activities in an environment which is safe and comforting along with medical support to treat them get over this disorder.

  • Ø Residential Treatment

This is a treatment in an institution which is non hospital based and the staff are trained in treating patients with this disorder helping them to cope with their behavioral health disorder and helping them with whatever needs which are required to be fulfilled.

  • Ø Counseling

This is another option available to the person with this addictive habit and should get counseling from a Certified Gambling Counselor who has had full training in treating problems of gambling and also has the requisite experience in treating compulsive pathological gamblers.

It is imperative that pathological gamblers seek the help of these professionals and institutions if they want to live a full and happy life for if their problem is not treated it could lead to other problems such as acute alcoholism, or drug abuse and the treatment and recovery from these would take a longer time.